A 12ft Refrigerated Trailer is suitable for any cold or controlled temperature storage. It is often used in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, and other businesses that need cold storage. A mobile refrigeration trailer is also used during major construction, emergencies, as well as the expected and seasonal increase in business.

The most temporary refrigerated trailer runs on a 220 single-phase power and an adjustable temperature setting enabling the trailer to be used either as refrigeration or a freezer. Many customers do not have a three-phase power or transformer in their location thus having a single-phase power refrigerated trailer is a convenience. It is also convenient for most people to rent because it is very affordable. Compared to other refrigerated trailers, ours comes with keyless entry. The digital dial pad gives you the option of using a key to enter or keyless entry.

The 12ft refrigerated trailer is one of the most common sizes used by many. It has a moderate cooking capacity with propane as its cooking energy source. The sizes you should use vary depending on your needs and the number of people it needs to serve. We also have other refrigerated trailer sizes and other support units such as ramps, common landing, and handrail rental which will make going from trailer to trailer easier than ever. You can also rest assured that these units are all compliant and had received state engineered approval and ADA Handicap Federal Requirements. To know more about our services and other temporary ref trailer size, give us a call at 1-800-245-5216. 

You can also check the Mobile Refrigerated Trailer service.


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