Refrigeration Trailer Rental in Oakland, CA

Ice Fox Leasing is one of the United States’ largest quality refrigeration leasing and rental businesses located in the entire state of Alameda County, California. We service leases and rental of freezers, blast freezers, refrigeration, deep freezers, and combination freezer/refrigeration containers. Our refrigeration trailer rental in Oakland ranges from -30 degrees fahrenheit container temperature to 50 degrees fahrenheit.

Below are the products that Ice Fox Leasing:

  • 12 ft Trailer
  • 20 ft Trailer
  • 26 ft Trailer
  • 30 ft Trailer
  • 30 ft Combo Trailer
  • 20 ft Container
  • 24 ft Container
  • 40 ft Container
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezer
  • Deep Freezer
  • Blast Freezer

Mobile cooler rental trailers are a must during the hot humid periods of the year as additional strain is put on mobile freezers in Oakland. company and can provide further services for various locations such as:

  • Refrigeration Trailer Rental in Oakland.
  • Refrigeration container for rent located in Alameda County.
  • Mobile Refrigeration for rental and leasing in the state of California.
  • Emergency freezer refrigeration rental in zip codes 94607, 94608 and 94609
  • Blast Freezers for lease and rental in the cities of Oakland, Fremont, Hayward
  • Temporary refrigeration and deep freezer rental in Alameda.
  • Refrigerated container rentals for relief operations are also available in the cities of Berkeley, San Leandro, Livermore.

Aside from Refrigeration Cooler Rental in Alameda County the company can also provide Clearspan structures and Dry storage:


  • Ramps – Stairs
  • Barricades
  • Plumbing Accessories
  • Portable Water
  • Generators
  • Security Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Office Trailers
  • Permit Procurement


  • 22ft Dishwashing
  • 26ft Dishwashing
  • 38ft Dishwashing
  • 40ft Conveyor Belt Dishwasher
  • 40ft Dishwasher
  • Dishwashing Services

Ice Fox Leasing has been renting trailers and equipment for over 25 years.  Refrigeration Trailer Rental in Oakland, freezer container for rent, emergency refrigeration container for rent, portable refrigeration container for rent. Our refrigeration trailers are rented for short and long-term clients all across the United States.  

We can provide services to the following cities from Alameda County: 

  • Emergency Freezer Refrigeration Rental in Berkeley
  • Portable Freezer Rental in San Leandro
  • Temporary Freezer for Rental Company in Livermore
  • Refrigeration Trailer Rental Services in Oakland
  • Refrigeration Freezer Rental Support in Fremont
  • Refrigeration Freezer for Rental in Hayward

Top Cities served in Alameda County - California

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