Dining Hall Tent

Dining Hall Tent is a necessity when it comes to temporary dining facilities and is often rented and used together with mobile kitchen trailers, mobile dishwashing trailers, and refrigeration containers. There are several providers of a dining hall tent but only a handful can withstand the changing weather. One of these great providers is Ice Fox, with over 20 years of experience in the industry thus making a name for itself both in the United States and Canada.

Ice Fox Leasing’s commercial clear span dining hall tent is made of engineered fabric and is available for rent and lease worldwide. You have several types of fabric, metal, and vinyl canvas to choose from so you can rest assured that you will surely find the one you are looking for in their offerings. We have a metal and fabric open span dining hall tent structures that are often suggested for a semi-permanent application which is typically 30 to 180 days as most state-regulated building departments allow. Another option we offer is the metal or tensioned fabric structures that work similar to the traditional building structures and are designed to endure snowstorms, strong winds, and seismic loads. Both of our fabric and metal dining hall tent structures are designed and engineered to survive tough weather conditions in different cities.

Our dining hall tents do not need a traditional foundation in most United States weather zones. So the next time you are in need of a dining hall tent for your large volume trailer, we can provide you with one. If you want to know about our dining hall tent call us at 1-800-245-5216 and our ServSafe certified representatives will help you in all your dining hall tent concerns.

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