Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is used to cater to large-scale needs for a large population. The modular kitchen building all comes on wheels for easy relocation and is joined together to become one building. Our modular kitchen trailer usually comes in an 8 by 40 size with the doors joined together with well-installed ramps allowing occupants to walk from one modular kitchen trailer to another without going outside. This decreases the risk of food contamination especially during construction since the food won’t be exposed to the construction dust and other debris. It also protects kitchen staff and food operators from the adverse effect of construction dust.

Our modular kitchen can also be butt up against a clear span tent to cover the area or our modular school kitchen building. Each trailer is equipped with stainless steel surfaces and non-slip diamond plate aluminum flooring that are all NSF approved. It provides an affordable, flexible, and high volume cooking space making it ideal during kitchen repair, kitchen expansion or upgrade, emergency feeding, and other special events. Some of the appliances can be switched out to meet the modular school kitchen building needs you might have. The modular kitchen is equipped with everything you can find in a commercial kitchen like girdles, hand sinks, compartment sinks, ranges, and fire suppression systems to mention some. There is no need to worry about compliance because our modular kitchen units are designed and engineered to be compliant in all 50 states.

We in Ice Fox Leasing can provide you with the modular kitchen that you need to meet all your modular kitchen needs. Other modular kitchen buildings we offer are:

  • Temporary Kitchen Building
  • Portable Kitchen Building
  • Modular School Kitchen Building
  • Emergency Modular Kitchen Facility

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