Ramp Rentals

Ramps, decking and stairs are necessary for your staff to move easily from one trailer to another with their cart. Our ramps, decking and stairs for rent are all ADA approved and Occupation of Safety and Hazard (OSHA) compliant which means it passed the highest safety standards in the US. 

It is made of non-slip aluminum and is designed to address all legal slope issues. We will also provide you handrails and common landings to minimize potential hazards. We deliver exceptional service to your business with our 5-star commercial-grade mobile refrigerated trailers, temporary kitchens, and mobile dishwashing units, and guaranteed safety to each and every member of your team.

Depending on your location, we can set up the trailers and the ramps in a way that is most convenient for all your staff. We can provide you an Autocad layout of our plans with all the kitchen, dishwashing and refrigerated trailer units plus the ramps, decking and stairs so you can picture how the actual will look like.  

The ramps come in sectional pieces and can be used for state and local government buildings, modular kitchen facilities, privately owned public accommodations, commercial kitchen facilities, refrigeration trailers, dishwashing trailers, and our own mobile kitchens. Our ramp sections come and can be put together in any size or shape.

The ADA promotes handicap accessibility for many in our community and our steel and metal ramps are able to meet these needs.


Starts @ $3295 Up To $3995.00!!



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