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Mobile Refrigeration for Rent in New Mexico

Known as the best-refrigerated leasing and rental company in all of New Mexico, Ice Fox Leasing and Rental is pleased to welcome you. Deep freezers, blast freezers, freezers, and combined freezer/refrigeration boxes are among the equipment we may rent or lease. From -30 degrees Fahrenheit box temperature to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, our portable refrigeration cooler rental is available.

For almost 25 years, Ice Fox Leasing has been leasing equipment. Rental of Refrigeration Containers, Rental of Refrigeration Trailers, Rental of Refrigeration Freezers, Rental of Temporary Refrigeration, Rental of Mobile Refrigeration, Base Camps Rentals and services ,Emergency Response, Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rental, Bunk House Trailer Rentals, Shower Trailer Rental, Restroom Trailer Rental, Security Trailer Rental, Laundry Trailer Rental, Living Quarters, Clear-span Structures Rental, Electric Power Generator, Potable Water Service, Water Trailer Rental, Ice Trailer Rental, Mobile Morgue Trailer, Command center trailer. Throughout the United States, our refrigerated trailers are rented for both short-term and long-term customers.

A portable refrigeration unit needs both AC and DC electricity to function. Battery electricity is known as DC. In the office or at home, AC is produced. The device must produce the least amount of noise when being used in a bus or vehicle.

Portable refrigerated trailers are another type of transportable refrigeration. These trailers are equipped with refrigeration. A top-notch refrigeration trailer needs to have several terrific features. These are steel tube roofs and single-piece aluminum roofs. The body should be robust and durable with a triple tube tongue, LED lighting, and a strengthened front nose to protect the refrigeration unit.

Rentable portable refrigeration equipment should have the ability to function as both a freezer and a cooler. Aside from fast food restaurants and other large corporations, these cooling systems are used by grocery stores, caterers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition to small truck units, diesel truck refrigeration systems are currently available. Since they can be parked anywhere—on pavement, gravel, or any other surface—the tiny truck refrigerators are perfect for small businesses. These can be halted on slopes too, unlike big trucks, without fear of damage.

Portable refrigeration trucks are more inexpensive when compared to large trucks. Despite the fact that many businesses may only need a little amount of space, they must nevertheless pay for the full fleet of enormously massive refrigerated vehicles. They consume

Portable refrigeration trucks are less expensive than large vehicles. Many businesses may only need a small amount of space, yet they must pay for the full fleet of enormously massive refrigerated vehicles. These use more gasoline, thus choosing a portable refrigeration unit will result in fuel savings. Additionally, the cost of operation will be extremely low.

We Offer Leasing Services like:

  • Temporary Refrigeration Leasing in Albuquerque, NM
  • Walk-In Refrigeration Lease in Las Cruces, NM
  • Cold Storage Room Rentals in Rio Rancho, NM
  • Mobile Walk-In Refrigeration Lease in Santa Fe, NM
  • Emergency Walk-In Refrigeration For Rent in Clovis, NM
  • Mobile Refrigeration Rental in Hobbs, NM around the USA.

Comparing portable refrigerators to conventional refrigeration systems reveals their remarkable versatility. With portable systems, you have the choice of renting or buying portable refrigerators, which is a huge convenience. For businesses that need refrigeration systems for a short while, renting cooling equipment is a great benefit.

Ice Fox Leasing and Rentals leading products are Pods, Modular structures, and Mobile Refrigeration for rent in New Mexico. See the list below:


  • Pod Construction
  • Modular Structures Temporary
  • Modular Structures Permanent


  • Mobile Kitchen
  • Dish Room
  • Prep Kitchen
  • Refrigeration
  • Temperature Control


  • Pod Construction
  • Refrigeration
  • Mobile Kitchen
  • Dish Room
  • Prep Kitchen
  • Temperature Control

Many businesses need refrigeration equipment, therefore choosing between fixed refrigeration and portable refrigeration is one of the key decisions to make before opting to install a refrigeration system. Because acquiring this equipment costs a significant sum of money, one should carefully assess and analyze their requirements in accordance with the type of business they are in before making the best decision. Mobile Refrigeration for rent in New Mexico is demanded during the hot humid courses of the year as more strain is put on Refrigeration in the above-mentioned state.

  • Emergency Temporary refrigeration trailer in Albuquerque and Las Cruces in New Mexico. 
  • Portable Refrigeration Container Rentals in New Mexico. 
  • Refrigeration Container Rentals and Freezer rentals in New Mexico.
  • Refrigeration Cooler Rentals for emergencies are available now in the cities of Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Union City, Alamogordo, Hobbs, Clovis, Farmington, Roswell, and Santa Fe.
  • Temporary Refrigeration Rentals in zip codes 87121, 87114, 87120.
  • Mobile Refrigeration rentals and leases in the cities of Albuquerque,Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Union City, Alamogordo, Hobbs, Clovis, Farmington, Roswell, and Santa Fe.

At Ice Fox Leasing, we apprehend all your emergency, short-term, and long refrigeration conditions. If there is a scenario of an impulsive meltdown of your cold storage container or equipment and you can not find a specific part for repair, what are you heading to do? Look no further, Ice Fox refrigeration can provide mobile refrigeration for rental or cooler rental services to your firm within a few hours of your phone call.

Do not waver to reach us if you need more details about Mobile Refrigeration for rent in New Mexico, refrigeration facilities, cold storage, support assistance, and commercial kitchen trailers.

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